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Elfia Haarzuilens

21 April 2018, 10:00 – 19:00

Wintercode-on-Tour @ Elfia in the Netherlands – not only with my books but also with a workshop at 3 PM!

The workshop with Pen starts Saturday at 3 PM: we look at different parallels between the conceptual creation of fine art and a story.

Painting and literature, in the past centuries both have been irrevocably interwoven, and have also influenced each other.
In Pen Stewart's own work, too, both go hand in hand.

In this workshop we will investigate how we can apply techniques from painting and photography to the composition of a story.
Anyone who wants to, can bring a story idea or a short story that has already been worked out in more detail, to the workshop, at which point we will get to work.


On this Spring edition of Elfia you can find me with Quasis in the Wunderzimmer Pagoda.

There you can also join us for various workshops and 'an inspirational walk across Elfia'. The next few days the varied program will be announced, plus the times and location of the workshops. For each workshop there is a maximum number of participants, so please give a shout if you are interested in participating.

The Wunderzimmer Pagoda will be centre stage where authors of Quasis publishers and Staaldruk will join forces. Be inspired by the unusual views of Jasper Polane (Lege steden), Pen Stewart (Wintercode), Martijn Adelmund (DeWollfs bestiarium) and Sophia Drenth (Bloedwetten). We will challenge you to look in a different way at everyday life. One of the workshops will be an inspirational walk across the kingdom of Elfia. Main focus will lie on the disciplines of writing and painting. The language in which the workshops are held is Dutch.
Follow our websites ( and our social media pages for the latest news and to register for our workshops.

Location: Wunderzimmer Pagoda at Medieval Road / near the Chapel
Times: See our stand for the times of the workshops