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Literary aperitif

19 December 2017, 19:00 – 20:30

Wintercode-on-Tour: interview @ Standaard Boekhandel Gent Dok Noord!

On the waterfront, within walking distance of the historic city centre, close to Dampoort station, the motorway and the small and large ring road in Ghent.

Standaard BoekhandelIn this lively new city district we can meet each other in a literary setting, with a drink and a snack at Johan Dhaene's round table conversation, with:

… ánd musical guest Jacques Vandevelde(harp).

Everyone is welcome, but come in time because the seats are limited!
After the literary aperitif there will be an opportunity to have your books signed.

And that's not all! That evening it is also DOK-NOORD SHOPPING EVENING.