Pen Stewart was only eight when she finished second in a drawing competition for all schools in Flanders, and won a local contest at twelve years old. Since she was fourteen she attended full-time art education at the St. Lucas Academy in Ghent, and in the course of Architectural Arts, she wrote several short texts to introduce the Architectural field of study in the yearbook. In her final year, she worked on a project that was one of the winners at Flanders Technology International.

In her later, graphic work she likes to explore the boundaries of the material used. Paints are manipulated to the utmost, and mixed with other materials, such as fabrics, sand, chalk, pigment powders, wood sawdust, or is treated with water in order to achieve different effects. The historical-architectural is a recurring element in her work.

Meanwhile she also works as an illustrator: two of her paintings were used as a cover for her collections of short stories, and for the Gentasia Awards she illustrated her own story for the children's short stories. At the end of 2017, Pen's first fantasy novel, "Wintercode", was published, for which she made more than twenty paintings that are included as illustrations in the book.