In addition to numerous, annually recurring events, there are also many unique events, festivals, fairs, markets and contests in which Pen has participated. Workshops, editorial processes, juries and master classes complement the necessary theory and practice, and Pen can thus draw on years of experience.

With her passion, drive and thoughtful approach, Pen succeeds in continually taking on new challenges, unique collaborations and daring projects and bringing them to a successful conclusion, be it as a writer or as an artist/illustrator.

  • Several editions of these festivals and fairs with international exposure have already seen Pen as a visitor or even (co-)exhibitor:

    • Antwerp Book Fair
    • Archeon Midwinter Fair (NL)
    • Fantastyval (NL)
    • Elfia (NL)
    • Imagicon (NL)
    • Beneluxcon (NL)
    • Dutch Comic Con (NL)
    • Castlefest (NL)
    • F.A.C.T.S.
    • Elftopia
    • FantaSea (NL)
  • Markets with a more local audience can also be cosy, such as those with Pen in Melle, Ghent, Zele, Leuven, Herentals, Kermt, Aarschot, Diksmuide and Leiden (NL).

  • Other participations include e.g. Drawing Days in Ghent, the SBH Open Book Days, Totally Booked on Tour, Wintercode-on-Tour, and Fantasymaand @ De Wolfsput.

  • The countless writing contests always amount to exhausting efforts, but ultimately also to enrichment:

    • Paul Harland Prize/Harland Awards (2010-2016)
    • Luitingh Fantasy
      • Dromen en demonen
    • Fantastyval
      • Fantastische reis
      • Dystopia
      • Dark romance
    • Unleash Award
    • Gentasia Awards
      • Youth
      • Young adults
      • Adults
    • Azra Magazine
    • EdgeZero
  • With different juries and sometimes risky stories, the results of course varied. Several shortlist nominations and high-flyers stood out and were collected in two anthologies, each with multiple short stories and one novella.

  • Only recently, such contest stories can also compete for the EdgeZero Award. In 2017, Pen also won a nomination there.

  • For the Trek Sagae story contest, Pen was a member of the jury in 2016 and in 2017.
    Pen is also part of the jury for Ambilicious's dialogue writing contest “Pennen met mosterd”.
    At Fantasymaand @ De Wolfsput Pen was prominently present, and she also participated in the jury for the corresponding writing contest de Schrijfwolf.

  • Pen has profiles in key reader communities (, and works for various publishers and societies:

  • and are platforms where authors publish their creative and cultural education offerings with subsidised activities for the right target audiences.

  • The Centre for Artistic Talent represents the stakes of the Belgian fine artists and offers them practical and logistical support.

  • The Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren (Flemish Literature Fund) supports the Dutch literature in Belgium and abroad. Promoting literary quality and contributing to the professionalisation of literary actors are key objectives of the VFL.

  • Copyright association Sabam also serves the Belgian cultural sector and safeguards the intellectual rights of the creative community, including Pen Stewart.